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Points Window

The Points Window can be opened by selecting Points... from the Geometry menu. The Points Window allows you to rename points and assign points to a bone joint. To create points, see the Create Point tool.

Points List

The points combo box lists all the points in the model. Selecting a point in the combo box will cause that point to be selected (all other points will be unselected). After selecting a point you can rename it, delete it, or assign it to a bone joint.


The Rename button allows you to rename a point. Point names do not have to be unique.


The Delete button deletes a point.

Bone Joint

The Bone Joint drop-down box lists all bone joints in the model. Select a bone joint to assign the point to the specified joint. Note that using the Influences Propertes Panel is more flexible than the Points Window when assigning bone joints.

Press Ok to keep your changes or press Cancel to ignore any changes.

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