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Lately I have been rather busy, so I'm not as good about responding promptly to email as I used to be. I try to respond within 24 hours, but that may not always happen. If you are expecting a response and do not get one within a week, please send another email.


If you are contacting me regarding a bug, see the bug submission guidelines on the Bugs page. If you do not follow these guidelines, my response will be to ask you for the information in those guidelines--so we might as well skip that step for both our sakes. :-)


If you need help installing or running Misfit Model 3D, please send a message to the misfitmodel3d-help mailing list. Your message will get to my inbox just as fast and this will allow archived help messages to help other users as well. You must be subscribed to the list in order to post. If you do not wish to subscribe you can send me an email directly instead.


Constructive feedback, feature requests, and develoment contributions are always welcome. If you wish to contact me send email to kevin at the misfitcode.com domain. It is a good idea to include the word "misfit" in your subject line so that I do not lose your message among junk emails. Note that bug reports and mailing list posts go to the same inbox, so if your message belongs in one of those places you should post there instead.

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