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Properties Panel


The Properties Panel is a dockable window. It contains context-sensitive model data so that you can edit some model properties directly. For example, if you have the faces of a mesh selected, it will allow you to directly edit the center position as well as assign groups and materials.

To open the Properties Panel, select "View | Show Properties". To hide the Properties Panel, select "View | Hide Properties" or click the "X" in the upper-right corner of the panel.

The Properties Panel has several sub-panels that appear depending on what you have selected. Below is a table that lists which panels appear when various items are selected.

Selection Panel
Point or Bone Joint
(exactly one selected)
Any Geometry Position (center)
Point or Bone Joint
(exactly one selected)
Faces (triangles) Group
Texture Projections Projection
Vertices or Points
(if bone joints exist)


The Name Panel has a text box with the name of the selected point or bone joint. You can change this text to change the name of the selection. This panel only appears if you have exactly one point or bone joint selected.


The Position Panel has text boxes that list the center coordinates for the selected geometry. You can edit the position directly by changing these numbers.


The Rotation Panel allows you to change the rotation of a point or a bone joint. The point rotation applies to non-animated points or points in a frame animation. The joint rotation only applies during skeletal animations (it sets a rotation keyframe).


The Group Panel appears when you have one or more faces (triangles) selected. With this panel you can assign a group to the selected faces. You can select the material for the group (note that material assignments apply to the entire group; so this changes the material for all faces in the group, not just the selected faces). You can also select a Texture Projection for the selected faces if you want to apply a sphere or cylinder texture map.


The Projection Panel has a drop-down box that allows you to change the projection type. See Texture Projection Details for more information.


The Influences Panel appears when there are bone joints in the model and you have some geometry selected. With the Influences panel you can assign up to four bone joints to influence the movement of the selected geometry. See Bone Joint Details for more information.

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