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About Misfit Model 3D Downloads

Misfit Model 3D source code is available for download. On Unix-like systems you must compile it yourself. It was written and tested on Linux. It is also known to run on FreeBSD, Windows XP, and Mac OS X.

There is a binary installer for Microsoft Windows. Of course you can still download the source code and build it yourself if you would prefer to do it that way.

contact me if you are interested in maintaining a packaged binary version of Misfit Model 3D for Linux, FreeBSD, or some other system.


The latest stable version is 1.2.4.

The latest development version is 1.3.8.

For installation instructions, see Install.

For more information about source releases, see the Source page.

To download plugins go to the Plugins page.

Microsoft Windows Binary Installers

Stable Installer: 1.2.4.

Development Installer: 1.3.8.

Mac OS X Binary Installers

Building From Source

Support for Mac OS X is still experimental. I do not have access to an OS X system so I must rely on other developers to assist in fixing OS-X-specific issues (particularly build issues).

You should be able to build Misfit Model 3D from source code if you have Qt installed and specify the Qt directory using the --with-Qt-dir ./configure option. See the Installation page for more details.

Third-party Binaries

You may be able to get a binary installer for Misfit Model 3D from other MM3D users. Recently Mac OS X binaries have been available at the ATG Website. Click on Qt/Mac 3.3 and scroll down to find MM3D.


Download Mac OS X Binary

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