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Bugs and Feature Requests

Bug Tracker - Submit a new bug (see intructions below)
Feature Requests (RFE) - Submit a feature request

Your feedback is an extremely important part of making Misfit Model 3D a better model editing utility. If you think you found a bug or want a new feature, submit your request to the bug tracker or the RFE system. Submitted bugs and RFEs go to my primary email inbox.

If you are uncomfortable using the bug and RFE systems you can send an email to me instead. While the RFE and bug list are preferable (since this will save me time from having to enter them myself) getting your feedback in email is preferable to not getting it at all.

The current bug list is in the bug tracker on Source Forge. You can see all the open bugs or query the system for a bug you have encountered to see what the development status is.

Groups And Priorities

The groups and priorites on bugs and RFEs tell you what version of the program I intend to have a bug fix or feature completed.

Groups: If the group is "Stable" then the item will be implemented in a stable version. If the group is "Development" the item will be implemented in a development version.


  • 1 - No plans to implement, will accept a patch.
  • 3 - Might make it into the current version, a patch would encourage completion of this item.
  • 5 - Planned for current version.
  • 7 - Planned for next release of current version.
  • 9 - Critical, new release will be out when all level 9 items are complete.

Reporting bugs

Before reporting a bug please do the following:

  • Check the known bug list to see if someone has already reported your bug
  • Upgrade to the latest stable version (the bug may already be fixed)

If your bug is still present and unreported, collect the following information and submit it with your bug report. If you do not include this information, I will ask for it again.

  • Misfit model version (--version or Help->About) and OS/Distribution version.
  • Describe what you did in detail (steps leading up to the bug)
  • Describe what happened that was different from your expectation (the bug itself)
  • Describe what your expectation was (why is it a bug)

For bug reproduction steps, try to find the least number of steps to follow that will reproduce the bug. If you can not reproduce the bug you can still submit the bug report, but the chance of me being able to find and fix the bug decrease significantly if I can not reproduce it.

Please post your bugs to the bug tracker at Source Forge. If your bug has not already been reported you can use the Submit New link near the top to submit a new bug report.

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