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Paint Texture Window

The Paint Texture Window is used to create an image file with faces from the model projected onto it. You can then use a paint program of your choice to draw in the contents of your texture. This window uses the texture coordinates that are already assigned to the faces using the Texture Coordinates Window or the Texture Projection Window.

To use the Paint Texture Window select the faces to be painted onto a texture and then select Paint Texture... from the Materials menu.

The Polygons option allows you to define how the polygons should be drawn (filled or empty, with or without lines).

The Vertices option allows to turn drawing of the vertices on and off.

The Save Size options allow you to specify the width and height of the texture to save.

When you are done changing the texture options, select Save Texture... to select a file name to save as, or select Close to close the window without saving a texture image file.

For more details on working with texture maps, see the Materials Window , the Groups Window, the Texture Coordinates Window, and the Texture Projection Window.

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