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Materials Window

The Materials Window is used to add or remove model materials (aka, textures) You may also modify the reflective properties of the material. Select Edit Materials from the Main Window's Matererials menu.

The combo box at the top of the window contains the names of all materials associated with this model. You can select a material name and use the lighting property sliders to adjust the reflective properties (Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Emissive, and Shininess) of the material.

  • Ambient - Light reflected from no particular direction.
  • Diffuse - Light reflected from the primary light source.
  • Specular - Light reflected which brings out highlights in the material.
  • Emmisive - Light emmited from the material's surface.

Each lighting color value ranges from -1.0 to 1.0. You can drag the slider left to decrease a color's value, or drag it right to increase a color's value. You can also change a value by typing a new value into the text box next to the slider.

The material preview can be a flat texture image or a 3D preview of the texture mapped onto a cube. Use the material preview combo box to switch between preview modes.

To add a new material click the New Material and enter a name. To add a 2D texture image to the material, click the Set Texture button and select a file. The file dialog box will show you which image file formats are supported. You should select an image with dimensions that are a power of 2 (ie, 32x32, 128x256, etc...). Other sizes should work with Misfit, but may not work with other rendering engines.

To remove a texture from the current material click the X button next to Set Texture.

To remove a material from the model, select the material name in the combo box and click the Delete button (this only removes the material from the model, the actual file on disk is not modified in any way).

To rename a material click the Rename button. This may be useful if you want the material name to match a group name, or if you have two materials with the same image but different lighting values. Names do not need to be unique (though duplicate names may be confusing for other people using the model).

You can change the texture wrapping behavior by changing the value of the the Wrap/Clamp combo boxes. Wrap will cause the texture to wrap for texture coordinates that are outside of the 0.0 to 1.0 range. Clamp will cause the renderer to extend the edge of the texture in the desired direction. The X and Y clamp values can be changed independently.

Press Ok to keep your changes or press Cancel to ignore any changes.

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