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Align Selection Window

The Align Selection Window moves the selected portion of the model so that the minimum, maximum, or center values of a given coordinate axis are aligned along a specified value of the axis. For example, if you have a cube you can use the Align Selection window to align the left or right (minimum or maximum, respectively) side of the cube with the axis (0.0) or any other value for X. The shape of the selected portion of the model remains unchanged.

Tip: If all you want to do is align the center of the selected geometry to a specific location, it may be easier to use the Position Properties panel.

The Align Selection Window is composed of three frames, one for each model dimension. Each frame contains a text entry box to enter a numerical value and three radio buttons for aligning the minimum, center, and maximum vertex values with the numerical value. The Align Now buttons change the alignment of the selected model region.

Alignment values are as follows:

  minimum center maximum
X left center right
Y bottom center top
Z back (far) center front (near)

Press Ok to keep your changes or press Cancel to ignore any changes.

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