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What's New in MM3D?

Below is a list of new features in version 1.4.

  • General:
    • 64-bit support
    • i18n support
    • Context-sensitive panel for editing properties of selected objects
    • Export selected portions of a model to a separate file
    • Boolean Operations
    • Global transformations (works on entire model, including all animations)
    • Texture projections (cylinder/sphere mapping)
    • Direct vertex coordinate editing
    • Orthographic projections can be rotated to any view angle
    • Flip between orthographic and perpective projections
    • Rotate a viewport on the Z axis
    • Save/restore viewing angle and zoom with keyboard shortcuts
    • Render selected faces in red (instead of rendering just the edges in red)
    • Numerous texture coordinate window improvements
  • Animation / Bone Joints:
    • Converted the animation window to a dockable toolbar
    • Support for multiple bone joint influences on a single vertex
    • Auto-assign bone joint command
  • New Tools:
    • Snap to Grid/Vertex
    • Bolt points
    • Extrude (viewport interactive version of the geometry command)
  • New Commands:
    • Edge turn
    • Edge divide
    • Cap Holes
    • Simplify Mesh
    • Face Out
  • File formats:
    • MD3
    • Cal3D
    • COB
    • DXF

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