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Transform Model Window

Transform Model Window allows you to apply a transformation Matrix to the model. There are tabs in the window for translation, rotation, and scaling, as well as a tab for a user-defined matrix. In some cases the Matrix you want to apply may not be undo-able. If this is the case, the window will warn you before performing the transformation.


In the Translate tab you can enter the X, Y, and Z components of the translation. Press the Translate button to perform the translation.


In the Rotate tab you can enter a rotation as euler angles (rotation on the X axis, Y axis, or Z axis in degrees) or as a quaternion (a user-defined axis of rotation and an angle in degrees). Press the Rotate button to perform the rotation (you must press the button in the same frame as the rotation numbers that you entered).


In the Scale tab you can enter the X, Y, and Z components of the scale. Press the Scale button to perform the scale.


In the Matrix tab you can enter any transformation matrix you want. For reference, the translation component is in the bottom row (as opposed to the rightmost column). Press the Apply Matrix button to apply the matrix to the model.

Press Close to close the window.

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