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Spherify Window

The Spherify Window is used to interactively morph the selected portion of a model into a spherical shape. It is made up of a slider and a text entry box for the spherify value.

The center of the spherify command is the center of the selected mesh. The sphere radius is the distance from the center of the mesh to the farthest selected vertex. As the spherify value increases, selected vertices are pushed away from the center until they are at the same distance from the center as the farthest vertex. A negative spherify value pulls internal selected vertices closer to the center of the selected mesh.

The spherify value ranges from -100 to 100 and starts at 0. A value of zero is the starting shape of the selected mesh. A higher value means the shape is more spherical, a lower value means the shape is less spherical. You can drag the slider left to decrease the value, or drag it right to increase the value. You can also change the value by typing a new value into the text box next to the slider.

Press Ok to keep your changes or press Cancel to ignore any changes.

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