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Plugins Window

The Plugins Window shows you what plugins are installed and active.

Plugins are located in a directory on your hard drive. On Unix-like systems, Misfit Model 3D will try $HOME/.mm3d/plugins. If that directory does not exist it will try in a shared directory (defaults to /usr/local/share/mm3d/plugins, although this can be changed at install time). Misfit will descend into subdirectories and follow symbolic links. On Windows, Misfit Model 3D uses the plugins subdirectory where Misfit Model 3D was installed.

The main component of the plugins window is a table that contains a list of plugins. Each plugin should also provide a Version string and a Description string. There is also a Status column that tells you if the plugin is properly initialized and currently active.

All plugins can be disabled at run time by specifying --no-plugins on the command line. Specific plugins can be disabled by specifying --no-plugin=plugin_name on the command line. --no-plugin can be specified more than once.

Press Ok to close the window.

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