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Convert To Frame Window

The Convert To Frame Window will take the currently selected animations in the Animation Sets Window and convert them into frame animations. You will be prompted with this window once for every skeletal animation you have selected. The original animations remain unmodified.

This features is useful if you have a set of skeletal animations and want to export the model as an MD2 or MD3, which only support frame animations.

Provide a name for the frame animation in the Frame Anim Name text box. The name can be the same as the skeletal animation.

Set the frame count in the Frame Count spin box. The frame rate will be modified so that the frame animation and skeletal animation complete in the same amount of time. In other words:

anim1_frame_count * anim1_fps = anim2_frame_count * anim2_fps

Skeletal animations by default are 30 frames per second. Frame animations in MD2s are 10 frames per second. Frame rates in MD3 are variable and controlled by animation.cfg file. Frame rates in Cal3D are assumed to be 30 frames per second when importing.

The Continue button will convert the current skeletal animation to a frame animation. If you have more skeletal animations selected you will be prompted with the convert window once for each of them.

The Cancel button will cancel the conversion of one animation.

The Cancel All button will cancel the conversion of all remaining animations.

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